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Zespół The Lemon Tree

Dariusz NAME AND SURNAME: Dariusz Napora
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of English Language Teacher Education BA, Warsaw School of Economics MA
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree Teacher, Methodologist, Climbing and skiing instructor
MY LESSONS: I love diversity. Whether you are a six-year-old, first-grader struggling wits ABC's or a Department Manager in a global corporation working on formal letter writing skills I will give you a learning experience of a lifetime. Real life, authentic and relevant materials are my key to your success. In my class you'll learn to speak not just in English but to speak English.
IN MY FREE TIME: Bringing up my son (is it free time, actually?), climbing, kitesurfing, skiing, reading a lot...

Magda NAME AND SURNAME: Magdalena Napora
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of English Language Teacher Education
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree Teacher, methodologist, youth camp supervisor.
MY LESSONS: I believe in democratic English classes. There is nothing my students have to do- they honestly want to be in the classroom and actively participate in the lessons. Magic? Lie? Not at all! My aim is to make students responsible for their learning process. Wide range of materials, varied activities, sense of humor and lots of patience help me to achieve success.
IN MY FREE TIME: I love spending time with my family. Together with my little son and husband we travel and discover different cultures.

Joanna NAME AND SURNAME: Joanna Stefańczyk-Sitek
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of English Language Teacher Education; Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Pedagogy; Tourism and Recreation)
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree teacher, translator
MY LESSONS: I pay attention to accuracy, especially in pronunciation and spelling. Also like doing a lot of vocabulary exercises. I am interested in culture related learning of a language, so with advanced levels I tend to do a lot of things connected to Great Britain, Australia and the USA. Authentic materials are extremely important to me.
IN MY FREE TIME: I learn new languages and get to know new places. When it's hot, I try to be on fresh air as long as it is possible. Really like riding a bike, roller-skating and dancing. Love doing all with my family.

Olga NAME AND SURNAME: Olga Piechowska
EDUCATION: University of Warsaw, faculty: English Teaching and American Culture Studies
PROFESSIONALLY: An English teacher and translator at The Lemon Tree
MY LESSONS: I believe that the key to effective teaching lays in the appropriate motivating of the student. That is why during my lessons I try to meet the interests of my students and encourage them to broaden their language horizons.
IN MY FREE TIME: I love spending my free time along with my family and friends, preferably while travelling and exploring new places.

Clint NAME AND SURNAME: Clint Fowler
EDUCATION: University of Melbourne, The Melbourne School of Land and Environment
PROFESSIONALLY: English Language Instructor (Native Speaker) & Proof-Reader
MY LESSONS: During lessons with me, my students build confidence and vocabulary and improve their fluency through "practice by doing". Conversational lessons are enjoyable and in a relaxed environment and I am open to discuss a wide range of topics. Where required, grammar is explained through conversation so students are able to put it to use in real life situations.
IN MY FREE TIME: I have a wide range of hobbies, some really weird, some very common. I'm into photography, and enjoy integrating people with interesting architectural backdrops in my photography. More recently I have just passed my Motorboat Skipper licence (in Polish language) and hope to one day own my own motorboat. Another recent enjoyable pastime of mine is restoration of antiques, especially antiques which have some personal meaning to me. I also enjoy traveling and have traveled to many different parts of Europe (but there's still a lot more on my list of "must-see places" to visit). :-)

Sława NAME AND SURNAME: Sława Rewerska
EDUCATION: University of Silesia
PROFESSIONALLY: : I love teaching, watching my students make progress and discovering new ways to keep them interested. I frequently use internet videos, podcasts, interactive games to create authentic and lively learning experience.
MY LESSONS: I try to follow my rule of three Es: my lessons have to be Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable. :-)
IN MY FREE TIME: I love cooking, travelling, reading books and going to Zumba classes. :-)

Łukasz NAME AND SURNAME: Łukasz Berezowski
EDUCATION: University of Warsaw, Institute of Applied Linguistics
MY LESSONS: I try my best to keep my learners interested during the class, avoiding boring and repetitive tasks and materials. Instead I try to get to know them a bit so that I know what they find engaging to do or to talk about. Having a good time doesn't mean you're not learning - the purpose of each and every class is to visibly improve your knowledge of English. I know well how easy it is to forget all those freshly learnt words, which is why I put emphasis on vocabulary revisions.
IN MY FREE TIME: I use the classical remedies for boredom: friends, movies, reading, cycling, travelling, and occasionally learning a completely new skill, even if it's not necessarily useful.

Olga NAME AND SURNAME: Olga Kacprowska
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of English Language Teacher Education
MY LESSONS: I really enjoy having fun with my students, so I use a lot of interesting games, which I find useful in exercising both vocabulary and grammar. I take care of a friendly atmosphere in the classroom - it's the best way to practice communication skills and break the walls of my students' shyness. And I hate boredom!
IN MY FREE TIME: My favorite seasons are spring and summer, when I can spend most of my time outside, walking, playing and basking in the sun. I love Scrabble, good books, my family and my cat.

Karolina NAME AND SURNAME: Karolina Gruszczyńska
EDUCATION: University College of English Language Teacher Education and the faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw
PROFESSIONALLY: I'm an English teacher and a child psychologist
MY LESSONS: I use a lot of language games and fun activities to make my students love English as much as I do!
IN MY FREE TIME: I ride on my horse or plan another exciting trip.

Remigiusz NAME AND SURNAME: Remigiusz Kurec
EDUCATION: University Of Warsaw, Linguistics.
PROFESSIONALLY: Teacher and Lecturer
MY LESSONS: We have fun. We learn to talk. We talk. We use nice words and lovely idioms.
IN MY FREE TIME: I usually relax and listen to music.

Dorota NAME AND SURNAME: Dorota Hetman
EDUCATION: In 2011 I graduated from the Institute of English Studies, Warsaw University and I started my Doctoral Studies there. My principal research interests lie in the study of Cognitive Linguistics.
PROFESSIONALLY: I am a teacher of English in The Lemon Tree Quality Language Services and a teaching assistance at the Institute of English Studies.
MY LESSONS: Since people learn in different ways I think that each lesson has to be well-crafted and suited exactly to the needs of a student. I try my best to present material in an enthusiastic manner and instill a hunger in my students to learn more on their own.
IN MY FREE TIME: I bake cupcakes, learn Spanish and work on my PhD project.

Magdalena NAME AND SURNAME: Magdalena Stus
EDUCATION: University College of English Language Teacher Education (University of Warsaw) - BA, Institute of English Studies (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw) - MA.
PROFESSIONALLY: Key Account Menager, English teacher, Lemon Tree Camps Crew, Entertainer and Event Planner
MY LESSONS: My lessons focus on communication, but explaining grammar easily is equally important to me. That's why I transform English tenses into mathematical formulas. I try to have fun with my students which encourage them to learn. We play games, watch movies, make projects, sometimes even exercise and cook. :-)
IN MY FREE TIME: I travel (often choose hitchhiking), listen to music (preferably at the concerts) and meet friends. Getting to know new people, places and food is what I like. I also cook at home. I like watching films and reading books (especially Terry Pratchett's ones). Martial arts used to be my passion. Recently I have walked on stilts, learn to play djembe and chocalho. :-)

Monika NAME AND SURNAME: Monika Chrz±szcz
EDUCATION: English Teacher Training College, University of Warsaw
PROFESSIONALLY: Teacher of English
MY LESSONS: During my classes I do my best to challenge the students in many ways making the English language not the aim but the manner of the process. My objective is to arouse students' inner motivation and make them eager to learn more, regardless of their age. I include a lot of movement, shouting (and whispering), guessing, art-creating, eating and many more to make sure laughter is a part of every lesson.
IN MY FREE TIME: I travel a lot in order to get to know foreign cultures, cuisines, and styles of living. I dance passionately (salsa and bachata), go jogging early in the morning whenever and wherever I can, learn foreign languages and try to convince my friends they should learn some as well. :-) I also do my best to became a great artist one day.

Dean NAME AND SURNAME: Dean Scrivener
EDUCATION: I studied in Ipswich in the United Kingdom and entered the workplace as a TV and video engineer. I then went on to work for the same company for 23 years in different roles and capacities before moving to Poland.
PROFESSIONALLY: Since arriving to Poland I have been teaching both business English and general English for the past 5 years.
MY LESSONS: Everyone is an individual, therefore I place emphasis on tapping into each individual's needs. I enjoy working with and meeting new students and the lesson content is broad and varied. The aim is that the students I see go home invigorated, enthusiastic about what they have gained during the lesson and want to come back to both Lemon and myself. The most important thing in the lessons I hold is to talk and to break down any barriers that you might have. That way we can all learn and enjoy the lesson and the content.
IN MY FREE TIME: I enjoy watching Premier League football, rugby and golf. Recently I have adopted a dog and enjoy walking with Lolek and my wife and noticing the new developments to the areas we are in and watching the seasons as they change.

Patryk NAME AND SURNAME: Patryk Andersz
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, Institute of English Studies MA; The University of Physical Education in Warsaw, field of physiotherapy BA
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree teacher
MY LESSONS: I have two main goals in mind when I prepare my lessons: the first one is to teach a practical skill one can use in a real situation, the second one is to do it in a fun and interesting way. I would like my students to understand that learning a foreign language is not a chore. It is a process filled with variety, which ultimately may open a whole new world for the learner.
IN MY FREE TIME: I do sports (judo, running) and read books, mainly sci-fi.

Marta NAME AND SURNAME: Marta Klimiuk
EDUCATION: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań: Japanese studies, The Foundation of Promoting Japanese Culture "Sakura" in Warsaw
PROFESSIONALLY: Proud AIESEC member, student of The Department of Oriental Studies and Japanese language tutor
MY LESSONS: Doesn't time fly fast when you're having fun? I believe that learning can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous. In my class I want to show that Japanese is so much easier than you realize, especially when you truly understand it, rather than just remember stuff! :-)
IN MY FREE TIME: My favorite thing is sitting in a café with a good book, sipping coffee slowly and fully enjoying my free time. Apart from this, I love jogging, travelling and trying new things. :-)

Olga NAME AND SURNAME: Olga Matusik
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of Language Teacher Education undergraduate
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree teacher and editor in Radio Aktywne
MY LESSONS: The crucial thing in teaching is to make students comfortable during the learning process. They should feel relaxed and focused. I want to show you that learning English doesn't have to be boring and stressful, I just need to know what your interests are. Then, it can be a real fun and a pleasure. And the most pleasant feeling for a teacher is satisfaction after achieving the goals.
IN MY FREE TIME: Music! (history, discographies and biographies), pop culture, art, cooking and baking delicious cakes, reading books, watching films, working out, learning French.

Krystyna NAME AND SURNAME: Krystyna Kwon
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, faculty: Applied Linguistics
PROFESSIONALLY: A teacher of English and Russian in The Lemon Tree
MY LESSONS: I put a lot of effort into encouraging my students to speak and practice new language material. I like using games and various exercises to make memorising new grammar rules and vocabulary easy and effective.
IN MY FREE TIME: I go climbing, skiing and ice-skating. I love travelling around the world and cooking for my family and friends.

Agata NAME AND SURNAME: Agata Krysik
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University of English Language Teacher Education and Institute of International Relations
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree teacher
MY LESSONS: I want my students to enjoy the time spent during the class therefore I try to entertain them with different activities involving games, songs, tongue twisters. I pay attention to grammar and good pronunciation.
IN MY FREE TIME: I enjoy listening to music and going to musical festivals. I love travelling and discovering new places, but my greatest passion are languages.

Ewelina NAME AND SURNAME: Ewelina Miszczuk
EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, University College of Language Teacher Education
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree English teacher
MY LESSONS: Too mamy things to write! Everybody speaks English! Each pupil smiles a lot. Each pupil brings something different into lessons- something interesting and unique. There's space for CREATIVITY and FUN, but never for BOREDOM! :)
IN MY FREE TIME: I'm always in motion - training out, skating, riding a bike, jogging... :) And when I finally get tired, I relax talking a lot and laughing with my friends, cooking, watching films and reading crime stories :)

Monika NAME AND SURNAME: Monika Nowotczyńska
EDUCATION: State School of Higher Vocational Education in Płock, Universitas Cardinalis Stephani Wyszyński, Warsaw
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree English teacher
MY LESSONS: "I'm more interested in arousing enthusiasm in kids than in teaching the facts. The facts may change, but that enthusiasm for exploring the world will remain with them the rest of their lives." - Seymour Simon
I try to teach to think, treat my students seriously even when they are little, give them responsibilities, talk to them candidly, provide privacy and solitude for them. And make them readers and thinkers of significant thoughts from the beginning.
IN MY FREE TIME: I read a lot of books and train martial arts so I develop my body and mind.

Anna NAME AND SURNAME: Anna Piasecka
EDUCATION: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Poznań
PROFESSIONALLY: The Lemon Tree teacher, translator and interpreter
MY LESSONS: "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
I always try my best to follow this quote and make my students (af all ages) not only understand vocabulary and grammar, but also explore and fall in love with the English language.
IN MY FREE TIME: Friends, nice food and good books are enough to make me happy, but when I have some time for hiking, zumba or belly dance, I'm over the moon. :-)

Dominic NAME AND SURNAME: Dominic Chase
EDUCATION: English Literture, Secondary Education, Business Mgmt. minor, German Language minor
MY LESSONS: We role-play and cover real-life situations and topics with lots of vocabulary.
IN MY FREE TIME: Do improve acting, travel (30 countries and counting), dance salsa, follow business and politics, eat bigos and dance-dance-dance!

Magdalena NAME AND SURNAME: Magdalena Lauda
EDUCATION: My high school English teacher awakened my curiosity and aroused my passion for learning this language. This is the reason why I decided to choose English studies. I did my Bachelor's degree in English Language at the Foreign Languages Teacher Training College in Suwałki and got the University of Gdańsk diploma (Faculty of Languages). Afterwards, I continued my education at the University of Białystok.
PROFESSIONALLY: Now, I am an English teacher at The Lemon Tree and a volunteer in "PROJECTOR - student voluntary service" ("PROJEKTOR - wolontariat studencki"). In the past, I was a Camp America participant (summer 2013 & 2014 at a camp in New Hamphire) as well as a teaching assistant at a primary school w Lincoln (2012) and private English tutor in Sejny (since 2009).
MY LESSONS: To start with, my approach to teaching is to spend a good deal of effort prior to class in preparation : organizing, selecting examples and thinking how to engage students and evoke answers. Moreover, I try to determine what they want and need to know at any point. For each class, I always prepare a lot more material than I can present while bearing in mind which material must be presented and which is optional. The dynamics of each class determine how the optional material is employed. Taking everything into account, I think that class time should be a pleasure too. That's why I try to include cheerful songs, games and different acivities.
IN MY FREE TIME: I take a particular interest in travelling to foreign countries, especially UK and USA. Apart from this, I am fond of learning foreign languages and I would like to speak French and Spanish fluently. In addition to that, I am a big fan of foreign cuisine, mainly an Italian one.

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