NAME: Julia

EDUCATION: MA, The University of Warsaw, The Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Scholarship at Moscow Institute for the Humanities and IT – IGUMO, Acting Studio at the ‘Baza’ Theatre, Film Academy – Warsaw cyclical study of film history.

PROFESSIONALLY: Interpreter and translator of specialist texts in English and Russian, English and Russian lecturer in language schools.

MY LESSONS: Once I have established what it is we should work on and improve, I choose suitable materials and utilize all acquired knowledge and experience in order to bring my students to the ultimate goal: fluency and self confidence in English. I always try to give a teaching style and lesson structure that is adjusted to the students’ individual needs and potential. I believe that an essential aspect of language teaching is skillful breaking down barriers in communication, making students the enthusiasts of English-speaking world, giving them tools to develop and motivate them to face the challenge and learn as much as possible on their own.

Working with people due to their various personalities, especially shaping their abilities and individual growth, continues to give me an exciting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

IN MY FREE TIME: Mad about Cinema, Theatre, Film Music, Art, Travelling and positive, creative People! I try to maintain a dynamic lifestyle and not to neglect my real passions, therefore I participate in film and music projects from time to time, acting, singing or organizing film festivals in Poland and abroad. If there is still some free time I cook a lot. Love to explore new ways of life and thinking, as well as a variety of cultures and cuisines from around the world.