NAME: Kinga

EDUCATION: The University of Warsaw, the faculty of Applied Linguistics, languages: English and French.

PROFESSIONALLY:Teacher of English and French.

MY LESSONS: My aim is to encourage students to communicate in a foreign language. That is why I try to focus my lessons on practising communicative skills, however other competences are being trained as well. I also attempt to surprise my students with various games and other activities. I want to keep the atmosphere of a lesson friendly, but at the same time a class must be effective.

IN MY FREE TIME: I love to read belles-lettres and watch good movies. Besides that I am a huge fan of music genres that originated in the USA, namely soul, jazz and funk. In general I am an enthusiast of a good music and I collect vinyl records. I am also interested in the American culture and history. Above that I do yoga to relax, calm down and find some positive thinking.